Children Sick Too Often

If your children are missing school due to illness, or your little ones are getting ear infections way too often, what do you do?  Thankfully the doctors are not handing out antibiotics as much and that’s a good thing. But how are you building your kid’s immune systems so they stay healthy and perform well?

Shaklee has been helping moms and dads for over 55 years.  A couple of vitamins each morning along with a probiotic and a healthy shake will start the day right and keep the kids healthy–guaranteed! Here’s one mom’s experience:

My husband and I decided that we were not going to let them do surgery to put tubes in our son’s ears. I was so blessed to have many other family members who use Shaklee and I was willing to try them. We started Shaklee nutrition products, plus cleaning products, and results were quick. Now going on six months, our son has not been on one medicine and has only had one runny nose that lasted two days. Also, I have an eighteen-month-old daughter who had RSV. . . So far she is doing wonderful and my husband and I also use these products. The only regret that I have is not starting these products earlier to prevent having to go through all of these health issues.

Shaklee products are safe and pure, easy and delicious to swallow, with a money back guarantee. Find out if they work for your family. Need more information? Write to me at

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