Cancer Everywhere

Just yesterday a friend asked for some information about what has helped people going through cancer treatment. It is a timely request and it seems to be epidemic right now. Do you agree? Almost daily I hear of someone else who has been diagnosed with cancer. Just a couple of weeks ago, Henry and I attended a seminar by Martha Willmore, Wellness Coach, who has overcome lupus, luekemia, and most recently bites by a brown recluse spider. Before Shaklee she used other supplements with no results. What are some important things to do to prevent cancer and address it once we have it? She shared a lot of important health information with us and here is only a little:

What is Cancer?
Every minute 10 million cells in your body divide to create new cells. Usually this process occurs at the right time and in the right way. However, if the cell division process is defective, then cancer cells may be produced.
What causes defective cell division process?
~ Nutritional Deficiencies
~ Toxic Chemicals
~ Imbalanced Hormones
~ Stress
~ Radiation
~ Heavy Metals
IF the immune system is working as it should, these defective cells are identified and destroyed.
IF the immune system is not as healthy as it should be, the cancer cells will accumulate and form a tumor.
Optimal nutrition will give you the very best chance for an optimal immune response and maximum resistance to disease.
Good Cancer Strategy
~ Keep blood sugar low
~ Keep blood alkaline (lots of alfalfa & vegetables)
   The only way to selectively starve cancer cells is to withhold glucose (carbs) and keep the body alkaline
~ Avoid sugar like the “plague.”  Why? Normal healthy cells use carbohydrates, protein and fat for their energy. Cancer cells use ONLY glucose (carbohydrates) and require acidic conditions to metabolize the glucose.
~ Reduce/eliminate:  Other foods that make the blood acidic, such as white flour, red meat, dairy
~ Supplement aggressively with Shaklee Whole Food Supplements
~ Detoxify
If you would like to know the program which she recommends, please contact me.

Remembering Changes in Life and Food

Sometimes changes in our lives are both sad and glad. During the night this past Monday, Henry’s 96-year-old mother passed away and is now at home with the Lord. She demonstrated amazing strength and quite good health through most of those 96 years, up until the last few months. But the suffering is over and now we think back on the memories. Throughout the last years’ visits we would engage her in conversation on topics such as:  what life was like when she was a little girl, the homes she lived in, the work she did as a young girl and life during her teenage years. We also discussed the farm, the food, the fun. Remember. . .96 years ago transportation was by horse and buggy, roads were dirt, and most communication was face to face. She lived through a life of changes!

For the most part, food 96 years ago was grown and preserved right on one’s own farm.  Gradually, companies like Campbell’s Soup, which started in Chicago in 1929, moved workers from the farm to the factory. Mother worked at Campbell’s Soup as a young woman.  However, most of the food they ate was fresh and grown locally, such as spinach, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, celery, and fresh chickens and turkeys. They were not at all concerned about preservatives and chemicals. Fertilizer was natural. why_supplement_01l

Most of what is in our grocery stores did not even exist when Mother was a child. And remember, food is what people ate for thousands of years. Today we process, preserve, color, emulsify, sweeten, chemically fertilize, thicken, wax, add growth hormones and antibiotics, besides adding pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. And sometimes “food” manufacturers actually “create” food.

Would you agree that by doing all of this to our food, we end up with less than the food God has created? Would you agree that this new “food” is not feeding our cells like real food should? And could this be the reason our bodies struggle with so many health issues that are not infectious diseases, but rather they are falling apart from within? Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and auto immune diseases?

As Mother told us recently, “I have had a good life.” We will all die some day and we hope the quality of our lives will be as healthy as possible. Does it make sense to give your body a little help with some real food supplements?

Your Effect

buttons_bannerThis time of year most of us are getting back to more of a routine in our lives with school starting and summer vacations over. Thinking back on the short vacation we took to Nashville, I wish all of you could have attended the Shaklee Convention and experienced the positive atmosphere and caring people. Shaklee people are making an impact for better health all around the world. The “effect” is spreading! The following words come from the Shaklee Member site (last post) and give you a little feel for what I am talking about. Keep taking those small steps that you know are healthier and YOU are part of the Shaklee Effect too.

What is the Shaklee Effect?

It starts with a question. Can one person make a difference? With so many huge challenges in the world, trying to have an effect on any of them feels impossible. Improve the health care system? Fix the economy? Save the environment? It can seem overwhelming.

Start with something small that matters to you. The most powerful building blocks in the world that can create real progress and solve our most difficult challenges are small actions that you can take every day. Like freeing your home of dangerous chemicals. Making a happier meal for your kids, or even getting some exercise. Keep it up, you could lose 10 pounds and decrease your risk of heart disease. If everyone in your city and state lost 10 pounds, health care costs would fall. If we could help just 10% of those who are obese get to a healthier weight, we will be impacting the future health of our country. That’s strength in numbers.

At Shaklee, we believe that small actions today lead to big effects tomorrow. That’s what we call The Shaklee Effect. What little actions can you take? Have a healthy breakfast, you’re part of the Effect. Use an eco-friendly cleaner, you’re part of the Effect. Send an inspiring video, and you’re part of the Effect. These small things multiply to create the foundation for financial freedom for you, healthier, longer lives to spend with the people you care about, and a cleaner, brighter future for all. Little by little, your actions can change the world.

Be part of the Effect. Continue to take small, positive steps every day to be healthier, and to share that with others. Do this every day for the next 90 days and you’ll be amazed at what happens. 

Visit Your Own Shaklee Site Online

Hip-Hip-Hurray-Your-OwnYour own Shaklee Membership site online! Did you realize that if you are a Shaklee Member you have your own Shaklee site? On this site you are able to find out lots of cool info about Shaklee, along with detailed info about the products. Some of you are distributors and you will find info about the business too. You may also order products from this site, although if you are calling me with your orders, please don’t stop. . .I love talking with you.

If you want to take a look at your Shaklee site, just go to:

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The Nashville Shaklee Effect

Henry and I just returned from the Shaklee 2013 Global Conference. This year was a busy time of listening to great speakers and reconnecting with our Shaklee family from all around the country. Here are some of thoughts on what we heard, new products, what is true for us, and what might be true for you:

2013The-Shaklee-Effect-forNew-Products-Vanilla2013The-Shaklee-Effect-forus2013What-if--you-had-betterContact us to find out if this would work for you! We always say. . .if we can do it. . .we can help you do it!

I Love Chips

lays-classic2Most of you who know me well, know that I love potato chips. Yes, I know they are not good for me and yet I still eat them. The best way for me to stop eating them is to not buy them. Now days I buy them just once in a while. Can anyone identify with this process of justifying some food that you know does not really feed cells but tastes so good?

Another thing, chips are quite expensive even though they are not good for me. If not on sale, my favorite ones cost $4.29; on sale they might be 2/$5.00. That’s a deal but then I have too many to resist!

Some people say Shaklee vitamins are expensive. That depends on what you compare them to.  So here’s the daily cost of a few Shaklee vitamins:

2 Vita Lea       .34/day   

1 B-Complex  .17/day   

1 Vita C          .12/day   

1 Vita E          .29/day    (click on the pictures to find out more)

 20216VitaLeaWOIron2    20194BComplex2

20095vita c2

20112vita e2This simple program costs $.92 a day. 92 cents! 2 Vita Lea is just 34 cents and this is a great place to start if you are not taking vitamins! So here is something good for me, something good for you . . . every day.For less than a dollar a day cells are being fed with great nutrients to go along with our healthier eating choices. Shaklee supplements fill in the gaps when we know we are not eating correctly and not sure how many nutrients are in our good food. It’s a dream of mine to have everyone taking Vita Lea!  

And if you are interested in more protection, including omega 3s, antioxidants, and probiotics, you can get it for less than $2.64/day with Vitalizer. Not too bad compared to the bag of chips and other not so good stuff I am trying to avoid! Here’s one more cost comparison with Shaklee Vitalizer and equivalent quantities of synthetic vitamins from Walgreens and GNC:

Shaklee’s Vitalizer 30 Day Supply

Muti Vitamin, Omega Fish Oil, Vitamin’s A, B, C, D, and E. Plus Pro Biotic.

TOTAL: $79.25 / Autoship $71.32

Walgreens – 30 Day Supply

Centrum Performance Muti: $11.99 X 4 MegaRed Omega Fish Oil: $29.00 X 2 Naturemade Pro Biotic: $11.49 X 1 (quantities to get the equivalent of Vitalizer)

TOTAL: $119.43        SAVE $48.11 with Vitalizer!

GNC – 30 Day Supply

Ultramega Muti Vitamin: $39.99 X 1 Triple Strength Fish Oil: $38.99 X 1 Ultra Pro Biotic: $39.99 X 1

TOTAL: $118.97     SAVE $47.65 with Vitalizer!

Do you think what you are eating impacts how you are feeling? If spending less than a dollar/day gave you more energy, healthier cells, and possibly protected you from serious health issues, would Shaklee supplements be expensive?  So what about you? What do you eat that you realize is not good for you? What changes are you making for prevention?