Never Too Old

Have you been busy these last couple of months? Are you able to keep up? Perhaps young children and school age children have kept you running. Now it’s time for graduation parties and retirement parties. And if you haven’t traveled in the past couple of months, like we have, then you might have some busy travel plans for the summer. The older we get the more difficult it may be to keep going. Our lives are busy and active and it is a blessing to be able to keep up with it.
But there are events in life that bring us down. Physically and emotionally Bill fell apart. Listen to what happened to Bill and how he changed the place he was in and the direction he was headed. Click on Bill’s Story.

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Henry’s Blood Pressure and No Wheat

We are so excited! For the last couple of years husband Henry’s blood pressure has been too high. He “tried to” watch his diet and took Shaklee supplements but it just wasn’t coming down fast enough. He wanted to avoid medication since that has its own side effects which lead to other problems.

51Z83dLKJPL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX240_SY320_CR,0,0,240,320_SH20_OU01_In January of this year he read the book Wheat Belly by William Davis which talks about the changes in wheat production in the past 60 years. Interestingly enough, Dr. Shaklee started Shaklee Corporation because he knew 57 years ago that the health of Americans would suffer greatly because wheat production was changing. Davis is convinced that today’s nutritionally devoid grain “causes blood sugar to spike more rapidly than eating pure table sugar and has addictive properties that cause us to ride a roller coaster of hunger, overeating, and fatigue.”

The information was convincing enough that Henry started on no wheat, along with extra supplements. His meals did not include the gluten free products on the present market,Europe 2010 218 because gluten free is made with corn starch, rice starch, or potato starch. Davis states that these starches increase the glucose-insulin response even more than wheat and also cause weight gain. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner without wheat or sugar is not easy if you think about how much of our American food is based on wheat and sugar. But he did it with only a few “cheats.”  The first week of February his blood pressure was 157/97. But yesterday it was 120/93. Along with this good news, he feels better and has lost 20 pounds. Go Henry!

“It Costs Too Much”

Taking care of ourselves costs money. Not taking care of ourselves costs money. One of shaklee 180 costthe objections to losing weight is, “It costs too much.” Even though the Shaklee180 meal replacement compares favorably to other meals, it is still an investment and one might say, “I just can’t afford it.” But how much does it cost to treat diabetes, heart disease, hip or knee replacement, high blood pressure, arthritis, dementia and more which may be results of being overweight and obese? Nationwide, the costs are astronomical. And those costs are coming to us as individuals with increased medical and healthcare costs. The following tells a bit more about what is happening:

A recent article in the Wall St. Journal, April 6-7, Saturday/Sunday on the FRONT page, “Shape Up or Pay Up: Firms Put in New Health Penalties”

Companies are facing rising healthcare costs and some have chosen to impose extra charges up to as much as $1,000 more for health-care coverage for employees who do not take care of their health.  For example, Michelin employees with high blood pressure or large waistlines could pay a maximum of $1,000 additional for health care.  A 2011 Gallup survey, according to the article, estimated obese or overweight full-time US workers miss an additional 450 million days of work a year, compared with healthy workers, resulting in more than $153 billion in lost productivity.

jacqui mc4-13now, skirt 4-12So if you are considering a safe healthy way to do a Turnaround in your health, please try Shaklee180. And if you don’t need to lose weight but know that your health could use some support, try the Lean and Healthy Kit. Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol will improve with these programs, along with losing the pounds! Jacqui McCoy did it, so can you. It’s not easy to make a change like this and if you have tried before to be healthier and it hasn’t worked, don’t give up. We are here to support you and walk the walk with you.  Perhaps the biggest decision is to decide if you will work at a healthier lifestyle or pay more for medical and insurance healthcare costs. We can control what goes into our mouths. Spending choices.

Is Soy Good for You?

soy2For the past 20 years I have enjoyed a soy protein shake for breakfast. Yum! Before starting this routine, I had a growling stomach at 9am even though I had breakfast at 7 or 7:30, and later in the day I was falling asleep on the couch at 7pm. But a Shaklee shake keeps me filled in the mornings with very little blood sugar fluctuation and keeps me awake in the evenings until a normal bedtime. Soy protein has changed my energy level, my skin, my muscle strength, and my immune response. Why? because every cell in my body and yours needs protein to form properly. Protein is essential. And why is Shaklee soy protein so wonderful?

  • Shaklee soy is water-washed, not alcohol-washed which removes critical isoflavones and created cross-contamination with processing chemicals
  • Shaklee soy is non-GMO soy protein
  • Shaklee soy is biologically complete and contains all nine essential amino acids
  • Shaklee soy is low glycemic
  • 25 grams of Shaklee soy protein /day may reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Fun fact: Dr. Shaklee created the first protein isolate in 1961
  • Wonderful flavors to choose from: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cafe latte

And so, is soy good for you? banner_Shaklee180SmootheesYes, if it is water washed, if it is non-GMO, if it contains all nine essential amino acids, and if it is low glycemic. I can’t wait for my morning shake! How about you?

Is This the Final Time? try. . . Shaklee 180

This may be the last year that your New Years’ Resolution is. . . to lose weight! If you are like most people this goal is #1 on your list. How many years has it been on your list? Have you lost weight only to gain it back again or to struggle struggle struggle keeping it off? So many diets fail and often make us feel like the failures, but there are lots of reasons for the failure. People lose muscle AND fat, only to have the fat come back again. The average American diet is programmed to keep us eating and wanting more by using chemicals and genetically modified substances. And inactivity keeps the pounds on. Is there a way out of this crazy cycle? Is there a way even if we are at a good weight to be healthier?

Shaklee 180 is and has been the safe answer to take your health in a whole new direction. Click and read more here. Listen to the stories of others. Then get started on a healthier you. Cost a problem? Shaklee has solved that too. . . decide to get healthier and find 3 others to join you in January and your February kit will be FREE. By the way, this can go on and on for you and the friends who join you. It’s time!

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Belly Fat

You may be wondering, women, if your belly fat is dangerous even though you are not overweight. Dr. Stephen Chaney speaks to the issue of a waist over 35 inches:

You’ve probably already heard about the dangers of abdominal obesity (otherwise known as “belly fat”). You’ve probably heard that it increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. But did you know that it could literally be killing you – even if you are at ideal body weight?

A group of scientists at the National Institutes of Health recently analyzed data collected from 44,000 women in the Nurses’ Health Study over a 16-year period and asked if abdominal obesity affected their death rates from heart disease and cancer(Zhang et al, Circulation, 117: 1658-1667, 2008).

The answer was a clear-cut yes!

The study showed that women with a waist circumference of 35 inches were twice as likely to die from heart disease and cancer than women with a waist circumference of 28 inches – even if they were at ideal body weight.

But you might be asking “How can they be at ideal body weight and still have abdominal obesity?” There is a natural tendency to lose muscle mass as we age. When we add in the inactivity associated with the American lifestyle that loss of muscle mass is
accelerated and the muscle is replaced with fat.

Thus, it is actually possible in today’s world to have both normal weight and abdominal obesity – and that is not a good thing! Of course, the women who were both overweight and had abdominal obesity were even more likely to die from heart disease or cancer.

So it is not just about not looking good in your bathing suit – abdominal obesity is a killer!
However, the good news is that you can do something about abdominal obesity.

A combination of exercise, a healthy diet and the “180 Turnaround Plan” is a proven way of getting rid of that unsightly belly fat forever.             by Dr. Stephen Chaney

Are you ready, even before the holidays, to work on your belly fat? I am and I’m looking for others to join me. We can get started right now! Buy 3 months, get the 4th FREE.