Why I Do What I Do and Why Do You?

Last time we talked about starting the year by looking inside and finding out why we do what we do. So have you thought about why you do what you do? why2Seems simple.  Perhaps you knew as a little girl or boy that you wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, a nurse or an insurance man.  I wanted to be a teacher after being in Mrs. Voss’ Kindergarten class. Perhaps you observed others in the work you have chosen and couldn’t wait to do it yourself. Whatever occupation fills your days, the most important question may be not what you do but why.

Why do I have a Shaklee business?  It has to do with respect–respect for the world, for work, and for others.

wheatfieldFirst, my work respects the way God created this world. In the last 75 years we have dramatically changed our food supply from the previous thousands of years. Many of the “foods” at the grocery store today did not even exist when I was a child. Dr. Shaklee predicted the health crisis and “falling apart from within” (heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, obesity) which many Americans experience. This is why he started Shaklee Corporation in 1956. His philosophy was to give others products made “in harmony with nature.” If you want a clear picture of the changes in wheat, read The Wheat Belly by William Davis.

Second, my Shaklee business respects work. This is not a punch the clock type of job. I diff. workersonce worked at a facility where my coworkers told me to slow down, take a break, don’t work so hard because you will make us look bad.  Our pay would be the same if we worked hard or not. Not so with a Shaklee business–one is paid for the work accomplished, not for the time put in.

Third, this business respects others. After listening to individual health needs and concerns, then, without arm twisting, without pressure, without slick selling, I give a simple presentation of how and why Shaklee products might be of benefit to others, to you.

The following verse from the Bible tells me how to treat my body and my whole life. . . body temple of hsSo, two questions: Why do you do the work you do? And how do you take care of the miraculous body that you have been given?

Is This the Final Time? try. . . Shaklee 180

This may be the last year that your New Years’ Resolution is. . . to lose weight! If you are like most people this goal is #1 on your list. How many years has it been on your list? Have you lost weight only to gain it back again or to struggle struggle struggle keeping it off? So many diets fail and often make us feel like the failures, but there are lots of reasons for the failure. People lose muscle AND fat, only to have the fat come back again. The average American diet is programmed to keep us eating and wanting more by using chemicals and genetically modified substances. And inactivity keeps the pounds on. Is there a way out of this crazy cycle? Is there a way even if we are at a good weight to be healthier?

Shaklee 180 is and has been the safe answer to take your health in a whole new direction. Click and read more here. Listen to the stories of others. Then get started on a healthier you. Cost a problem? Shaklee has solved that too. . . decide to get healthier and find 3 others to join you in January and your February kit will be FREE. By the way, this can go on and on for you and the friends who join you. It’s time!

shaklee180 invite

Contact me for a free DVD to see the program. Click on the contact button above.



4th of July Freedoms

Today is a day to celebrate the freedom we have in America and give thanks for the gifts this freedom brings. Here are three books I’m reading today that remind me of my freedoms:

1. I usually start my day with the Bible and a little devotional book called Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young who writes as if Jesus were speaking right to me. The daily thoughts are referenced back to the Bible. These two books give me treasures about God, His people, the world, and my life. Today’s message shares that “The greatest blessing is nearness to Me–abundant Joy and Peace in My Presence. Practice praising and thanking Me continually throughout this day.” I’m thankful to have the freedom to read God’s Word!


2. First Come, First Served. . .In Savannah is a Savannah cookbook, which had belonged to my Mom. One of my goals for the summer has been to try some new recipes. I’m thankful for the freedom to shop at grocery stores filled with food and for farmers’ markets overflowing with yummy fresh finds. Have you tried a new recipe this summer? Please share!

3. Laura Hillenbrand’s book Unbroken, which is about Louis Zamperini’s World War II experience and survival, has been an eye-opening look into the horrors and evil of war and a detailed look into intense human suffering. The cover page says it ends in redemption and I can’t wait for that.

So what freedoms are you thankful for, or what books have you read this summer? Enjoy the freedoms this holiday brings in America!


Blind Spots

In the morning, husband Henry often reads the newspaper aloud while I clean up the kitchen. Yesterday he read two very sad stories. First, the news of former IL governor, Rob Blagojevich who will be leaving for prison this week. The author of the article commented on what a difficult devastating transition this will be for him. The second article told about the end of the Robert Schuller family in the Crystal Cathedral. Without discussing the good or the bad of these situations, I think it is fair to say that neither of these men set out to: 1. end up in jail for 12 plus years, or 2. be removed from a his once gigantic church empire.

Blind spots. What is a blind spot? Webster’s second meaning says it’s “an area where a person’s view is obstructed.”  Does it make sense that  both Blagojevich and Schuller just didn’t see this coming, that their “view” was obstructed? They were unable to see the situation or themselves the way others were seeing it due to their blind spots.

I have blind spots too.  A few were revealed to me. There have been times when a blind spot, #1, caused my words and actions to be hurtful. I wasn’t able to see the situation clearly. I didn’t set out to hurt someone, but I did, and I’m working on not doing that anymore. Another blind spot, #2, happened when our children were little; I had a blind spot about the benefits and value of nutritional supplementation. Shaklee Videos: Why Supplement?.  I thought eating right was good enough. But what a difference it could have made in their health and my own, if I knew then what I know now. When I saw clearly that we needed vitamins, Henry went to the health food store for supplements. I shared with him that he was probably wasting money–we could buy them at the drug store for a couple of dollars! After learning that all supplements are not created equal, that most are man made synthetics and high heat processed, another, # 3, blind spot was removed. I saw clearly that a food based vitamin, processed at room temperature, would do a much better job of feeding my cells. Shaklee Videos: The Shaklee Difference.

Do you know anyone with a blind spot or two? Do you have a blind spot? Or perhaps I should say a former blind spot since we can’t see the ones we don’t know about yet!