The Finish Line

Yesterday Henry and I walked the Chicago Half Marathon. We did this to raise funds for clean water for children through World Vision. As difficult as it was for us to train for the 13.1 mile walk, it doesn’t compare with the challenge of not having clean water to drink. It’s hard to imagine what that would be like when we are able to take a drink at almost any moment of the day.  Many thanks to all of you who supported us with both your financial help and your prayers.

We finished!  That was our goal! Will, Samuel, and Annetta were waiting for us at the finish line, which was a real treat and a surprise! They saw quite a few sights while waiting for us to come in. As Samuel told a friend of ours later in the day . . .”they finished and they didn’t pass out!”

We are so thankful for the health to be able to do this and for the love and prayers of supportive family and friends. Hurray! We don’t want to take any of this for granted!

the shoeshalf marathon signthe finishgreeters at the finishAnd you guessed it. . .what did we use to get us through those long walks of training in the heat and humidity (even though yesterday couldn’t have been a more perfect day!) . . .we used Performance! 

Did you know Shaklee’s logo is Creating Healthier Lives? Of course we give God the credit for our health and we try to honor what God has given us to eat and put on our bodies. Dr. Shaklee said to stay as close to nature as possible.

What Will You be Doing at 86?

dean smith 2013,2 Dean Smith set new US and World records at the World Indoor Rowing Championship, hosted by the CRASH-B Sprints that took place on February 17, 2013 at the Agganis Arena in Boston. Over 2,200 athletes raced from more than a dozen countries, with competitors ranging in age from 14 to 95. Dean’s world record time in the 2000 meter row was 8:10.5. Just Google Dean Smith Rowing to see how he has been keeping active.

Dean, a former world- class runner is used to being on the winner’s podium. Previously in Masters Track & Field he won World championship gold medals in Hanover, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden for the 800 meter run, as well as several national championships.  Bad knees brought an end to Dean’s running a few years ago, so he was delighted to find a new sport in which to compete. He joined the Rocky Mountain Rowing Club when he moved to Lone Tree, Colorado seven years ago. Since then he has won NINE World Championships in sculls on the water in Zagreb, Croatia, Vienna, Austria, Birmingham, England and Vilnius, Lithuania.

Dean is a young 86, and attributes his edge for success to using Shaklee Sports’ Products. 

Keep up the great work, Dean! Thanks for being a great example of taking care of yourself and as a Shaklee leader for many many years! And thanks to Sarah Stauber for sharing this story of Dean’s success. What steps are you taking to stay young while getting older?


Questions About Supplements and More?

Most people wonder:  what supplements to take, if I need them at all, what are synthetic supplements doing to my body, how to keep my children healthier through the winter, can I build up my immune system, which sports drinks are safe, is there a way to lose and then keep the weight off, which green cleaners work and are really toxic free, and how will I ever find safe skin care products that make me look younger or heal my damaged skin.

Many people also wonder: how will I pay for private school tuition or college for my kids, will I be able to take a vacation with my family, will I ever get out of debt, or have I saved enough for retirement.

Do you know people with these concerns? Are you one of them? There is one place where you can find the answers. You may do this in the privacy of your own home. If you want to fill in a short questionnaire about what you learn, I would be happy to reward you (6/$25) for your education. Just check out this site for answers to your questions and concerns.

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London 2012: Shaklee Pure Performance Team and You

The London Olympics are coming soon and Shaklee is committed to a group of hand-picked elite world class athletes called the Shaklee Pure Performance Team. Eli Bremer, 2008 Beijing pentathlete, leads the team.

Each athlete understands the importance of premium quality nutrition when competing at such a high level. Why did Shaklee hand pick these athletes?

“Our goal with the Shaklee Pure Performance Team is simple. We aren’t trying to make the superstars of sport richer through lucrative sponsorship deals, but rather to put premium nutritional products in the hands of those who believe in, and have come to rely on, their benefits—across both the popular and some of the more obscure, but equally competitive, sports that make up today’s modern Games.”

Take a peak at the athletes:  Shaklee Videos: Pure Performance.

And so, you may not be competing in the Olympics this year, but you may be headed out for a run, swim, bike, or walk. And when you do–just know you can trust your body to these quality products before (Energy Chews), during (Performance), and after (Physique)  your workout!

For Sore Athletes of All Ages

Do you have sore muscles after taking a walk, working in the garden, or riding your bike? Do your children sprain or break bones easily, and wear out too quickly? Do you wish you had a faster recovery time if you are a serious runner, biker, or swimmer? Are you feeling old AND are you tired of it? There’s a way to prepare and restore your body for the stress of physical activity whether it’s mild or major! Watch this! (2 minutes)

Shaklee Videos: Shaklee Sports Nutritionsup™/sup.