Soy Q & A

After drinking Shaklee’s soy shakes each day for over 20 years, I trust the safety and feel the energizing power. If you have any questions, Shaklee shares some research in the following article and if you would like to talk more about the benefits of soy, please let me know.

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What Is Soy?
Soy is the perfect plant-based protein—it contains all 9 essential amino acids. The soybean is native to East Asia and is known mostly as an alternative to meat and dairy proteins. Soy has been a part of Asian diets for thousands of years—and for good reason. Today it is used worldwide because of its health benefits and many uses.

Did You Know?
Soy has isoflavones

Soy is the richest source of isoflavones that may help protect against several chronic diseases, including osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, and certain forms of cancer.

Soy is not feminizing
There are rumors that soy makes men more “feminine,” but studies show that it has no effect on estrogen levels in males, and it certainly does not “feminize” them.(8)

Soy doesn’t cause breast cancer
In fact, several recent studies show that soy consumption may be associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence and improved survival.(9)

soy is nutritioussoy is 90% digestiblesoy is safesoy allergies are rare


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Thankful for Busy Moms

Moms keep busy. . . taking children where they need to go, feeding kids what they need to eat, dressing children in clothes that fit for the changing seasons, and teaching them how to “get on” in this fast paced technical world. Sometimes that involves helping with homework. Our grandson was learning about community workers and showing these workers as turkeys to go along with the Thanksgiving season. His assignment was to make a turkey which highlighted community musicians. Don’t you love this very creative musician turkey? samuel's turkey

As grandparents we are so grateful that our children are taking their work seriously in feeding the grandchildren, getting them to bed on time, along with hundreds of other jobs, but most of all in teaching them to love the Lord!

One BIG task is feeding children. Moms all around the country are looking for ways to build healthier families by eating as close to nature as possible. Check out what these moms are doing: Jenni Oates and Brooke Thomas.

Here are a couple of healthy recipes that you,  your kids, and your grandkids will love. Best of all, you will have a great way to add some much needed protein to your diet!

Spice Up Your Holidays with a Pumpkin Spice Smoothee

Pumpkin Spice Smoothee

2 scoops Shaklee 180 Vanilla Smoothee Mix
8 oz non-fat milk or low fat soy milk
2 tbsp canned pumpkin
½ tsp pumpkin spice
Dash of vanilla extract
Dash of cinnamon
4 – 6 ice cubes
Blend until creamy.

270 Calories, 24 g Protein, 32 g Carbohydrate, 7 g Fiber, 3 g fat*
*Nutrient values when non-fat milk is used

Below is the recipe for the Protein Bars or Balls.2013-11-06energy bites They are yummy with a cup of energizing tea and really help with the cravings for sweets.  Just mix the ingredients and press into a pan or make into small balls.

Protein Bars/Balls

1 cup plain, vanilla, or chocolate Shaklee Protein or 180 mix
1 cup oats, + more oats as needed
  1 cup almonds or walnuts, chopped
  1/3 cup flax meal (optional)
  3 Tbsp. flax seed (optional)
  1 cup almond butter or peanut butter
   2/3 cup honey
  1 tsp pure vanilla extract  (Add raisins, tiny chocolate chips or coconut if desired.)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and let me know what you are thankful for!





Which Foods Are Best to Buy Organic?

Are you wondering which foods contain the most pesticides? This helpful little guide should give you some assistance. Buying organic may cost a few pennies more but your kidneys and liver will thank you because they won’t have to work as hard trying to detoxify your body. This will give your cells a better opportunity to multiply and divide properly. I have found that if I eat less processed foods and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, I feel better and have more energy. Try it. . .you’ll like it!food with pesticides

If you are having a difficult time getting enough high quality nutrients in the foods you eat every day, consider supplementing with Shaklee high quality nutrients. I’d love to help you get started on a simple program. Fill out the “contact me” form above or right here. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]


3 Best Earth Day Tips For You and the Earth

This post is a combination Earth Day and Pinterest creation. Earlier this year I went with our granddaughter Megan to an orchid show at Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI. I took many pictures of orchids with the hope of using them on my Pinterest boards. Please read tip #2 carefully: Eat food that is grown organically and food that will spoil. I think this is vital for your well-being and the well-being of this beautiful world God has given us for our earthly home. Man has created the thousands of toxic chemicals that are now in our world and causing us so much harm. It’s time to clean up and restore.

We heard Sandra Steingraber speak on the PBS Bill Moyer show recently. Her passion for cleaning up our world for the sake of our children made so much sense. As a biologist and cancer survivor, she spoke with knowledge and conviction about her book Raising Elijah. (This link is to her blog.) She used a phrase “toxic trespassing,” to describe the unwanted toxins we are all exposed to in the air we breathe and the food we consume. Very thought provoking.

Earth Day Tips Earth Day 20% off special  through May 10 on safe, powerful, green, and smart cleaners: Get Clean Starter Kit. Check out this link for in depth info on these cleaners. One simple way to get the toxins out of your home and save lots of money.

High Five to Young Moms

I have the privilege of talking to many young Moms and I’m impressed. Seems like they take the difficult job of feeding their families very seriously. Moms are looking at ingredients, cooking healthier meals, trying to figure out what should and should not be in their children’s school lunches and giving them a healthy breakfast to start the day. Some are even making Non GMO choices. These Moms are a good example for March National Nutrition Month, with many of them supplementing to be sure their children are getting a guaranteed supply of nutrients on a daily basis.

Congratulations, Moms, older ones and young! Keep up the great work; keep trying to eat food as close to the way God created it as possible. Check out my Healthy Food Board on Pinterest for more healthy choices.

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