Car Down/A Night in Assisted Living

This wasn’t the blog I planned for yesterday, but since I am in Holland, MI getting my Mom settled into Appledorn Living Center, the blog didn’t go out on schedule.  My computer was not with me when I dropped Mom off Monday night and went out to my car to find it dead!  I always feel very spoiled because Henry takes such good care of the car even though it has 212,000 miles.  From our home in IN, he got on the problem right away, found someone to pick up the car that night and I had it back by 4pm yesterday.  It was one interesting blessing after another which I’ll share if you like.

What I do want to share is gratitude!  Mom and I had a little pajama party in her new home–assisted living.  It’s a wonderful place with wonderful people and I’m so grateful for this new home for her.  Her memory is not what it use to be and my sister Kathryn, and my brother Bill, all agreed that something had to change.  She has the help she needs with medication dispensing along with separate bedroom, living and dining space, and a large bathroom.  But the best part–the people.  It’s a gracious accepting outgoing loveable place, that reflects the administrator.

All of us will have health challenges down the road and Shaklee can’t fix them all.   Here’s hoping we will find people who are as kind and considerate as at Appledorn.

Just a little tidbit:  I asked the administrator, 30 something Michael, how he was so prepared to lead.  “Oh, he answered, I grew up in a nursing home, which my parents ran.  I have been around old people all my life–I love them.”  Another reminder that what we think are not such perfect circumstances, God can turn into great good!

10 thoughts on “Car Down/A Night in Assisted Living

  1. Ann,
    I really enjoyed reading about what’s happening with you and your Mom up in Holland.
    Glad to hear that you’re so happy with where she’s at…. My Dad is in a Re-Hab Center
    in Holland now (Maybe we can ride up there together sometime, since we’re going up
    there more often now :)…….. )

  2. Ann, The more years I add on to my life the more I too can testify that God ALWAYS brings something good from a difficult situation.
    Praise God for a good husband, a good administrator, and a good attitude!!
    Love ya.

  3. So thankful things are going so well for your mom, Ann, and that you were able to find such a wonderful place for her to live. Answered prayer for sure.

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