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Just yesterday a friend asked for some information about what has helped people going through cancer treatment. It is a timely request and it seems to be epidemic right now. Do you agree? Almost daily I hear of someone else who has been diagnosed with cancer. Just a couple of weeks ago, Henry and I attended a seminar by Martha Willmore, Wellness Coach, who has overcome lupus, luekemia, and most recently bites by a brown recluse spider. Before Shaklee she used other supplements with no results. What are some important things to do to prevent cancer and address it once we have it? She shared a lot of important health information with us and here is only a little:

What is Cancer?
Every minute 10 million cells in your body divide to create new cells. Usually this process occurs at the right time and in the right way. However, if the cell division process is defective, then cancer cells may be produced.
What causes defective cell division process?
~ Nutritional Deficiencies
~ Toxic Chemicals
~ Imbalanced Hormones
~ Stress
~ Radiation
~ Heavy Metals
IF the immune system is working as it should, these defective cells are identified and destroyed.
IF the immune system is not as healthy as it should be, the cancer cells will accumulate and form a tumor.
Optimal nutrition will give you the very best chance for an optimal immune response and maximum resistance to disease.
Good Cancer Strategy
~ Keep blood sugar low
~ Keep blood alkaline (lots of alfalfa & vegetables)
   The only way to selectively starve cancer cells is to withhold glucose (carbs) and keep the body alkaline
~ Avoid sugar like the “plague.”  Why? Normal healthy cells use carbohydrates, protein and fat for their energy. Cancer cells use ONLY glucose (carbohydrates) and require acidic conditions to metabolize the glucose.
~ Reduce/eliminate:  Other foods that make the blood acidic, such as white flour, red meat, dairy
~ Supplement aggressively with Shaklee Whole Food Supplements
~ Detoxify
If you would like to know the program which she recommends, please contact me.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Dori!
      Martha was a wealth of information on children’s health, along with health building for women and men.

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