Blind Spots

In the morning, husband Henry often reads the newspaper aloud while I clean up the kitchen. Yesterday he read two very sad stories. First, the news of former IL governor, Rob Blagojevich who will be leaving for prison this week. The author of the article commented on what a difficult devastating transition this will be for him. The second article told about the end of the Robert Schuller family in the Crystal Cathedral. Without discussing the good or the bad of these situations, I think it is fair to say that neither of these men set out to: 1. end up in jail for 12 plus years, or 2. be removed from a his once gigantic church empire.

Blind spots. What is a blind spot? Webster’s second meaning says it’s “an area where a person’s view is obstructed.”  Does it make sense that  both Blagojevich and Schuller just didn’t see this coming, that their “view” was obstructed? They were unable to see the situation or themselves the way others were seeing it due to their blind spots.

I have blind spots too.  A few were revealed to me. There have been times when a blind spot, #1, caused my words and actions to be hurtful. I wasn’t able to see the situation clearly. I didn’t set out to hurt someone, but I did, and I’m working on not doing that anymore. Another blind spot, #2, happened when our children were little; I had a blind spot about the benefits and value of nutritional supplementation. Shaklee Videos: Why Supplement?.  I thought eating right was good enough. But what a difference it could have made in their health and my own, if I knew then what I know now. When I saw clearly that we needed vitamins, Henry went to the health food store for supplements. I shared with him that he was probably wasting money–we could buy them at the drug store for a couple of dollars! After learning that all supplements are not created equal, that most are man made synthetics and high heat processed, another, # 3, blind spot was removed. I saw clearly that a food based vitamin, processed at room temperature, would do a much better job of feeding my cells. Shaklee Videos: The Shaklee Difference.

Do you know anyone with a blind spot or two? Do you have a blind spot? Or perhaps I should say a former blind spot since we can’t see the ones we don’t know about yet!

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