Bend, Sit, Walk, Kneel–Ouch

Bending, sitting, walking, kneeling.  This is what our bodies do day in, day out and hopefully without pain.  But as we age, cartilage is lost and common everyday movements may become painful.  More cells are breaking down than are being replaced. Our joints serve as links between bones that provide stability and control body movement. Cartilage is an essential component of joints that provides cushioning between bones and helps absorb shock from physical impact.  With aging, this protective cushioning breaks down naturally. Additional factors such as continued physical stress and overexertion can further accelerate the breakdown of cartilage by triggering the release of chemicals that attack
cartilage. The result? Joint discomfort and limited mobility.

So, is it possible to build and repair the cushion cells (cartilage) in our joints and which vitamins and herbs will do just that?  Boswellia extract, glucosamine, vitamin C, zinc, copper and manganese all help in restoring the cushioning, so in as little as 5 days you will notice a difference. Get ready to walk, bend, kneel and move without joint pain.

New Joint Health Complex  (less than 2 minute video)


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