Autism and Cleaning Products

The Impact of Get Clean Laundry Products on an Autistic Child

from  professional Nedra Sahr, MS . . .

   A number of year ago a young family I was working with, who had a 6 year old autistic son (Rick), asked if there was anything they could do to help him.  I said yes, we could work on nutrition, but before we start on that, we need to clean up his home environment.  I asked them to wash all of his sheets, pillowcases (and the pillows), pajamas–everything–with the Get Clean laundry products.  The mom agreed and called me up at 9 the next morning.  “Nedra, I can’t believe that stuff!  Last night was the first night in his 6 years of life that Rick slept through the night, so it was also the first night in 6 years that I had a full night’s sleep.  You’ve already given us a gift that I just can’t believe!”  I said it wasn’t me, it was those great laundry products.  Why?: because products that have bleach, nitrates, various chemicals etc. in them will outgas.  Rick was one of those who was extremely sensitive, but what’s this doing to the rest of us?  To our children, who may not yet show it on the outside, but may have neurological damage on the inside, and to us adults as well.  –Thanks! to Nedra Sahr, MS, Nutrition & Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Maine   

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