Are Shaklee Vitamins Expensive?

You may be thinking Shaklee vitamins are expensive.  Since we often get what we pay for, I have not been too upset about that idea.  Shaklee tests for contaminates and does thousands of tests to be sure that the supplements get to your blood stream; this costs money.  I’m willing to pay more for something that affects my health in such a direct way, like what goes in my body and on my skin.  It’s great to get a bargain unless it is something like a bargain parachute.

Here’s an interesting cost comparison with Shaklee Vitalizer and some synthetic supplements.

This is a line-by-line label comparison of Walgreens and GNC to Shaklee Vitalizer with iron. All comparison’s were done online on 1/14/11.
Note that GNC’s multi contains no bioflavin, quercetin, nickle, tin, vanadium, or boron.

Otherwise, to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals as Vitalizer, you would have to buy:

Walgreens- 30-day supply
Centrum Performance multivitamin/multimineral: $11.99 X 4
MegaRed omega fish oil: $29.99 X 2
Naturemade probiotic: $11.49 X 1
Total: $119.43

GNC- 30 day supply
Women’s Ultramega: $39.99 X 1
Triple strength fish oil: $38.99 x 1
Ultra probiotic: $39.99 X 1
Total: $118.97

Vitalizer w/iron 1 box/30-day supply

Total:  $85 Member price ($76.50 on AutoShip)

Are you surprised?  I was. Watch a short video about the value of Vitalizer.

Shaklee Videos: New and Improved Vitalizersup™/sup.

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