Allergy Relief at Last

I suffered from allergies all my life. Although the allergies started with fall hay fever as a small child, the season extended to spring and fall in my twenties and bothered me almost all year round in my thirties. Twenty years ago I was introduced to Shaklee and found significant allergy relief for most of the year. My runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes were just in the spring and fall. And yes, I was taking a full program of Shaklee nutrition, with lots of relief from my former year-round misery! Then I wondered–what else could I take to “feed my cells?”

Last March I added the Vitamin D3 supplement. . .  3 per day. Spring allergies were nonexistent and now my hay fever season has been the best ever! What a simple wonderful little change with huge results! Although this may not work for everyone, my body was obviously lacking vitamin D3. Be willing to learn more about Vitamin D3 and I will send you a free bottle! Why wait 60+ years? How are you feeding your cells?

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