Yesterday was a GOOD day. I went to breakfast with a new friend Debbi from Pillar Church in Holland MI, who we met at a refugee meeting the Saturday before. She has recently moved from Hawaii and is interested in setting up a real estate website and is learning that process. I shared the very little I knew and how I had received help from Melanie in doing this; we also picked each others brains for a name for her site. Love brainstorming! We also shared about the MAN who had worked in our lives.
After breakfast, I spoke with my Aunt who sadly informed me of her son’s death. This news may not seem good to us and is extremely sad, but the MAN who makes this day and every day hold together will make sense out of the pain.
At noon Henry and I headed to Pillar Church for a service about the MAN who said “It is finished.” The MAN came to set his people free forever, to restore brokenness in people and relationships, in churches and schools, in cities and countries. The MAN who is light in the darkness of brokenness, sickness and death.
After church we headed back to our “cottage” before going back to St. John, and with great joy found a man on our rooftop! The rainy day before we had a leak and Henry found it was coming from the chimney, down a beam and into our family room. He called Premier Roofing and would you believe, Rick came in 32 minutes! He was one of the guys who 2 1/2 years ago installed it and remembered our home. “I know what the problem might be.” he said. And sure enough, he put on a temporary solution and was here now to correct the problem!
But the best is yet to come! As I observed and thanked Rick while he was on the rooftop (we were ready to leave town), I said, “Thanks so much for fixing it and have a good Easter.” He quickly answered, “Oh, yes, it’s the best day!” We then shared how the MAN had made Easter the best day!
We left town for St. John, had supper with our friend Janelle, heard about her trip to Israel, and more about the MAN we all love and serve and how he is working in our lives.
Many of you know the MAN, but in case you don’t: The MAN is JESUS. Jesus who came to change everything about our yesterdays, today, and tomorrows forever. Is this GOOD MAN JESUS making your days GOOD?

10 thoughts on “A GOOD DAY, A GOOD MAN

  1. Thanks for sharing your good day and the good news of Jesus, Son of God and Son of man. I too had an opportunity to share the hope and blessings of knowing Jesus with a fellow shopper a Jewel. We both praised His name right in front of the deli. What a Savior!

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