A Christmas Thank You

After such a difficult week for our country, I have spent time reflecting on all the blessings that surround me. Perhaps you have done the same. Hugs and prayers are going out for all the people we love and care about, right? Although I’m grateful for the “stuff” of this life, I know the people are my richest blessings. . .family and friends.

And you, my friend, thank you for taking a minute to read my blog. . . thank you for taking baby steps and giant steps to do a healthier thing today than what you did yesterday. Of course we may get sick sometime, need medicine sometime, and go to the Dr. sometime. . . with gratitude for his/her wisdom. But hopefully by making a few simple natural choices, exercising a bit, and gradually changing what we eat, we will be a little healthier. Thank you for choosing Shaklee as your means for better health, and for choosing me to work with. I appreciate it.

God’s blessings to you and those you love and care about this Christmas. Give them lots of hugs! Merry Christmas!

My gift to you. . .$100 reward. . .

My gift to you. . .$100 reward. . .ask me

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