2 Pounds. . .

About 8 years ago I observed that in the previous 10 years, I was gaining about 2 pounds a year, not a big deal.  Then it struck me, that’s 20 pounds heavier in 20 years I would be 40 pounds more and a total of 60 pounds in 30 years!  Sobering.  Did I want to stay on this path?  Absolutely not.  Thankfully we are not victims; we are allowed to make choices every day that change how we look at things, change what we wear, change what we read, change how we respond to others, change how we work, and change what we put in our mouths! So I made a few simple changes, not rocket science, and all of you know the changes needed to lose a few pounds.

~more fresh fruits and vegetables/less white flour and white sugar

~exercise 5 out of 7 days

~a Cinch shake for breakfast to lose the inches and keep the muscle

~my personal favorite:  stay away from anything with chemicals (no diet labels, no low fat labels)  since when I do eat out (restaurant food usually has more chemicals than home cooked) I always gain a few of pounds

~drink more water and get “perfection” out of my mind

Results? Lost the 20 pounds and if I do gain a couple–deal with it. What works for you?

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