Sore Calf and Hip Pain–Gone

Hey, Ann,  I have a Shaklee story:

My daughter and I started running this spring (should say slow jogging).
When we first started I developed a sore calf – almost like a cramp. and then my hip pain started again.  So I ordered the Joint Health Complex and started taking it.  The hip pain and sore calf went away.  I ran all summer no problem.  Then a few weeks ago I was running out of Joint Complex and thought – “I don’t really need that anymore” so just stopped taking it.  Well since I was still running – here comes that calf pain again – opposite leg this time!  So I ordered the Joint Complex and started taking 3 a day and was able to run this Friday and Sat mornings with no pain.  I forgot to take any of my Shaklee on Monday (very rare for me) and only took 2 Joint Complex yesterday (Tuesday) – went running this morning (Wednesday) and that calf pain is back!!  That is the only thing I can contribute this to….
So I think I’ll be taking my Joint Health Complex (#20668) every day!!
Thought you would be interested in this 🙂

Thanks, Pam, for sharing this experience.  Give your cells what they need and it’s amazing what happens.  Congratulations on taking good care of yourself by jogging and supplementing.  Watch for a $10 check in your mailbox!  Anyone else have a testimony?

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